Core Java Online Free Training

An extensive online program to build and enhance Core Java, Data Structures and Programming skills, instructor by Saurabh Gupta. I have done  MCA from Madan Mohan Malviya Engg. College, Gorakhpur (UP) and has 12 years of technical experience in Java/J2EE related frameworks and multiple domains like Telecom, Pharma, and Finance industry client experience in India and the USA.

Core Java Online Free Training Course
Core Java Online Free Training Course

 As you know learning in books and online tutorial is completely different than work within the organization.  Through this online training, you will learn conceptual, programming and problem-solving skills. By completing these assessment for each session you get the confidence to work individually.

I am not a full-time trainer, Currently working with an MNC in Noida and engage with projects, but I want to help students and share my experiences with others who want to get knowledge of Core JAVA and improve programming skills.

Training Timing and duration: Morning (8 to 10 AM) or Evening (9 to 11 PM)

Recommended: Students preparing for  Core-java for placement drives and employees want to change jobs.

Batch Starting Date: Starting the first batch from 15 September 2019

Batch Detail:  Register yourself  with below detail. I will create batches of a number of students and update you accordingly because online sharing tools having limitations for the number of subscribers access at a time.

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Suggestion :

  • Go through topics before the session starts so that having some knowledge of it and session will more interactive.
  • Complete assessment for a session before the next session so that not get overloaded.
  • If you have prior knowledge of Java and want to focus on a particular topic only. Send me in comments or contact form will update you according to topic days.
  • Subscribe your self (free) to get an update about Java Posts new topics and related technologies etc.

Here is the list of topics that going to cover in each session:

Session 1 (Java Introduction and  Setup)

Session 2 (Java Basics and Program Structure)

Session 3 (Oops Concepts, Constructor and Methods)

Session 4 (Object Class, String Handling and  Type Conversion)

Session 5 (Exception Handling)

Session 6 (Multithreading)

  • Multithreading Introduction
  • Create thread by extending Thread class
  • Create thread by implementing the runnable interface
  • Thread life cycle and states
  • main thread
  • Thread Priorities
  • Thread  Names
  • sleep(), join(), yield()
  • Synchronization (object & method)
  • Object & Class locking
  • Inter thread communication (wait(),invoke(), invokeAll())
  • Deadlock

Session 7 (IO Stream and Serialization)

Session 8 (Generics & Collection API)

Session 9 (Annotation)

Session 10 (Java 8 Features)

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