Why Spring Boot?

What is Spring Framework?

Spring Framework is a popular, enterprise-level, open-source modular Java based framework for creating the production-grade, standalone applications that run over the JVM (java Virtual Machine).

What is Spring Boot?

Spring Boot tool is wrapper over the Spring Framework for faster and easier development of Web and Microservices based applications. It’s also provide the three additional capabilities

  • Autoconfiguration
  • An opinionated approach to configuration
  • The ability to create standalone applications
  • Embedded Servers (Tomcat. Jetty)
  • No XML configuration or @Configuration

These Spring Boot features work together to provide you faster development with minimal fuss of configuration and boiler-plate code for application setup.

According to IBM

Spring Boot makes it easy to create stand-alone, production-grade Spring based Applications that you can “just run

Spring Boot dependency-starters allows plug-in/plug out of modules and auto-configuration reduces the lots of development and configuration efforts of developers. Spring Boot offers flexible XML configurations, database transactions, sturdy batch processing and relaxed administration, documentation and security for REST services and endpoints.

How Spring Boot is use in Microservices?

Microservice is an Architectural approach that allows the developers to build, organize and operate small independent services. Microservice provide a light weight model to run the each service for specific function that can support the business objective.

Below are some advantages of Microservices with Spring Boot:

  • Minimum configuration
  • Time-saving (reduce production time)
  • Simple scalability
  • Easy deposition.

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