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Spring Boot: DevTools Properties and Default Value

These are Spring Boot Dev Tools properties that can be configured with any Spring Boot Application. These properties are already configured in Spring Boot with the given default value.

Note: In your application, You don’t need to add all these values in your application.proprties/application.yaml file. You just need to add only those values which you want to change/override.

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DevTools Configuration Properties

Spring Boot load these properties in DevToolsProperties class.

Name Default Value Description
spring.devtools.livereload.enabled true Enable a livereload.com compatible server.
spring.devtools.livereload.port 35729 Server port.
spring.devtools.restart.additional-exclude Additional patterns excluded from triggering a full restart.
spring.devtools.restart.additional-paths Additional paths to watch for changes.
spring.devtools.restart.enabled true Enable automatic restart.
spring.devtools.restart.exclude META-INF/maven/**,
File System Patterns that excluded from triggering a full restart.
spring.devtools.restart.poll-interval 1000 Amount of waiting time between polling for classpath changes.(in milliseconds)
spring.devtools.restart.quiet-period 400 Amount of quiet time required before a restart is triggered without classpath changes . (in milliseconds)
spring.devtools.restart.trigger-file Name of file, if any class path file change will trigger the restart. If not specified file n classpath change will trigger the restart.

Remote DevTools Configuration Properties

Spring Boot load these properties in RemoteDevToolsProperties class.

Name Default Value Description
spring.devtools.remote.context-path /.~~spring-boot!~ Context path used to handle the remote connection.
spring.devtools.remote.debug.enabled true Enable remote debug support.
spring.devtools.remote.debug.local-port 8000 Local remote debug server port.
spring.devtools.remote.proxy.host Proxy host to remote application connection
spring.devtools.remote.proxy.port Proxy port to remote application connection.
spring.devtools.remote.restart.enabled true Enable remote restart.
spring.devtools.remote.secret It’s required property,to shared secret to establish a connection
spring.devtools.remote.secret-header-name X-AUTH-TOKEN HTTP header used to transfer the shared secret.