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Cassandra Spring Boot Properties

Apache Cassandra is a provider of Spring Boot Data for handling NoSQL database operations. Apache Cassandra is a NoSQL distributed database for managing large amounts of data across many servers (clusters) while providing high availability at the cost of decreased consistency. Cassandra high availability is achieved by replicating data to multiple nodes over cluster and allow one or more nodes to go down so that transaction will continue till that point even one server is running.

To use Apache Cassandra in your Spring boot application you have to add this Cassandra starter in your pom.xml .


After adding Cassandra Database starter in your application it will automatically download and add the required dependencies in your application and initialize with default values. You can overwrite these values through application.properties / application.yaml .

Cassandra Configuration Properties

Spring Boot load these properties in CassandraProperties class.

NameDefault ValueDescription
spring.data.cassandra.cluster-name Cassandra cluster Name.
spring.data.cassandra.compression Compression supported by the Cassandra binary protocol.
spring.data.cassandra.connect-timeout-millis Socket option: connection time out.
spring.data.cassandra.consistency-level Queries consistency level.
spring.data.cassandra.contact-pointslocalhostComma-separated cluster node addresses.
spring.data.cassandra.fetch-size Queries default fetch size.
spring.data.cassandra.keyspace-name Keyspace name to use.
spring.data.cassandra.load-balancing-policy Class name of the load balancing policy.
spring.data.cassandra.port Port of the Cassandra server.
spring.data.cassandra.password Login password of the server.
spring.data.cassandra.read-timeout-millis Socket option: read time out.
spring.data.cassandra.reconnection-policy Reconnection policy class.
spring.data.cassandra.repositories.enabled Enable Cassandra repositories.
spring.data.cassandra.retry-policy Class name of the retry policy.
spring.data.cassandra.serial-consistency-level Queries serial consistency level.
spring.data.cassandra.schema-actionnoneSchema action to take at startup.
spring.data.cassandra.sslfalseEnable SSL support.
spring.data.cassandra.username Login user of the server.
Cassandra Spring Boot Properties



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