Setup Java/JDK and Eclipse On Window & Linux

Before creating the Java project, the first thing is to check to JDK installed or not in your machine.

How to check Java version in your machine?


  • Go to search
  • Type cmd and enter or search for Command prompt
  • You will see a black screen for the command prompt as below.
  • Type java -version to get detail about it.


  • On the current screen type command as java -version to get detail about it.

Java Version Check.jpg

The above screen is for the case when java is installed on your screen. If JDK/JRE is not installed on your machine then you will get a message like “Java is not recognized as an internal-external command.”

How to setup Java from Initial?

If JDK/JRE is not set up in your machine then follow below steps:

Download JDK from this siteDownload JDK Latest Version


  • After downloading click on the .exe file to install
  • Follow all steps as the next button and continue as long as a process not complete.
  • Default download location for Java will be  “C:\Program Files\Java\jdkVerXYZ”

Java JDK Directory

To access Java from command prompts or IDE need to configure environment variables as JAVA_HOME and Path. The value of JAVA_HOME would be home directory path where JDK installed and Path would be (JAVA_HOME/bin)

Follow these steps to configure the environment variables

  • Go to Computer ->right click-> Properties -> Advance System Settings->System Variable
  • or Go to search type ENV and click on enter.
  • Enter that value of JAVA_HOME as below





  • Set the Path by appending at last as below %JAVA_HOME%/bin;

Java Path Settings

  • Follow the above steps to check Java versions.


  • Download JDK and untar it.
  • Go to your home directory/ sudo directory and set JAVA_HOME and Path in .bashrc file as below:

export JAVA_HOME=/opt/app/<installation directory>/jdk1.8.0_66

          export Path=%JAVA_HOME%/bin:$Path

  •   Save .bashrc file
  •  Now run java -version  to check configuration is successful.

Configure Eclipse IDE

Download Eclipse: Download Eclipse Latest Version

  • Click on the installable of Eclipse IDE.
  • Continue the installation by next click.
  • Select the path of JDK as installed.
  • Select the workspace location for your projects.

Now you are ready to create new projects in Eclipse IDE.

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