[Solved] org.apache.tika.io.EndianUtils. BufferUnderrunException

BufferUnderFlowException is a subclass of TikaException. This exception occurred when buffer fed from a lower rate while read at a higher rate. There can be many reasons for this connection interruption, hard drive corrupted or CPU speed issue.

public static class EndianUtils.BufferUnderrunException extends TikaException


  • BufferUnderrunException()


As this issue can be from multiple reasons that’s why having multiple solutions as per need:

  1. Increase buffer size.
  2. Before burning external devices perform hard drive defragmentation.
  3. Avoid burn data onto a device in the network
  4. Always take the backup of data before transferring.
  5. Run hard drive scanning software to identify the corrupted file in the machine before export it.
  6. Always set TIKA memory consumption as higher and CPU and hard drive speed requirements to ensure enough RAM is available.
  7. Make sure the device consuming data or network connection functioning properly.