UnsupportedFormatException is a subclass of  TikaException. This exception is thrown by parsers when a file format does not support it. It happens generally when based on MIME type not able to differentiate versions.

For Example: When writing mime type as application/perfect covers all versions of WordPerfect format while parsers only support 6.x only.


To handle such cases whenever possible distinguish file formats by specific MIME Type so that if any unsupported version finds out that will take care by EmptyParser. Even if not able to distinguish by MIME Type use the distinguish versions.

Here is a complete list of supported Format, Parsers, and Mime Type for TIKA

TIKA Supported Document Formats, Parsers and MIME Type

public class UnsupportedFormatException
extends TikaException



  • UnsupportedFormatException(String msg)