NARAYANA Spring Boot Properties

Narayana is a popular open source JTA transaction manager implementation supported by Red Hat. To use Narayana JTA in your Spring Boot application you can use You can use the narayana-spring-boot-starter starter to add the appropriate Narayana dependencies to your application.

NARAYANA pom.xml Dependencies


Spring Boot automatically configures Narayana with default values and post-processes your beans to ensure that startup and shutdown ordering is correct.

NARAYANA Spring Boot Properties

Spring Boot load these properties in NarayanaProperties class with default values you can overwrite these values in your application application.yaml.

NameDefault ValueDescription
spring.jta.narayana.default-timeout60Transaction timeout.(in second)
spring.jta.narayana.expiry-scannerscom.arjuna.ats.internal. arjuna.recovery. ExpiredTransactionStatusManagerScannerComma-separated list of expiry scanners.
spring.jta.narayana.log-dir Transaction object store directory. one phase commit optimisation.
spring.jta.narayana.periodic-recovery-period120Interval in which periodic recovery scans are performed.(in second)
spring.jta.narayana.recovery-backoff-period10Back off period between first and second phases of the recovery scan.(in second)
spring.jta.narayana.recovery-db-pass Database password for recovery manager.
spring.jta.narayana.recovery-db-user Database username for recovery manager.
spring.jta.narayana.recovery-jms-pass JMS password for recovery manager.
spring.jta.narayana.recovery-jms-user JMS username for recovery manager.
spring.jta.narayana.recovery-modules Comma-separated recovery modules.
spring.jta.narayana.transaction-manager-id1Unique transaction manager id.
spring.jta.narayana.xa-resource-orphan-filters Comma-separated orphan filters.

By default, Narayana transaction logs written location is  transaction-logs directory in your application home directory (the directory in which your application jar file resides). You can customize the location of this directory by setting the narayana.log-dir or spring.jta.log-dir similar to that you can also customize the other properties.


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