Maven Vs Ant

Ant was the first “modern” java application build tool released in 2000. It was famous in a short time because easy to learn, based on procedural programming and not required any additional preparation.

Ant was having some issues in terms of, build time, performance and big scripts and other problems of developers.

Maven releases in 2004 which covers all the problems of Ant and having a complete life cycle.

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Maven vs Ant

Here are some main differences between Maven and Ant build tool.

Ant Maven
Ant required build script per project. Maven describes the project over configuration.
Ant invoke project-specific targets Maven invoke defined goals (target)
Ant is for “just” build process Maven required knowledge of the project.
Ant scripts are too complex. Maven creates standard project layout and builds in the lifecycle.
Ant scripts are not reusable. Maven plugins and repository are reusable.