Mask Zipcode/Pincode/Postal Code on Web Page

A lot of information that you share freely, such as your date of birth, phone number, ZIP code and email address, are very valuable to criminals. Think of how many accounts require you to verify your identity by entering in your birthday or your ZIP code before making a transaction.

Alone, your ZIP code might not be of much value all by itself, but criminals will take that information and post it on underground sites where they buy, sell and trade bunches of personal information. From those sites, criminals can purchase enough of your personal information to use it for fraud

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Zip code/Pin code/Postal Code Masking Example

Here considering, Pincode of length 5 digits. By masking will hide all 5 digits. For example, my pincode is 75038 than after mask will display as XXXXX. Pincode for some card can also be as six digit take this as assignment and make code changes accordingly so that support for both five and six digits.

original zipcodemasked zipcode

Note :

This masking example is created considering standard length of text size and formatting of text field, that can vary according to organizations. If your organization having different format and text size modify source code according to your need. If you are facing any issue drop a comments will try to connect as soon as possible.

Download Source code

To download the source code of this example, click on below given download link. Mask Pincode

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