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The passport serves as proof of your identity and your nationality which itself can be advantageous depending on your destination. As such, you should prioritize its security above all else when you travel overseas.

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Consequences of Passport Number Identity Theft

Under no circumstances should you disclose any sensitive information regarding yourself, passport number included. It may just be a jumble of digits but it’s a very valuable commodity for criminals if they even get their hands on it.
There are lots of consequences of passport identity theft as below:

  • A criminal could easily manufacture a passport with passport number, full legal name , date of birth and another person’s picture on it. This may not get them into the US (easily) but it could conceivable get them to a country nearby and then from there they could travel to the US or travel on others countries.
  • Criminal all over the world can use others stolen passport to commit a crime or do anything on others name.
  • The passport is use as an identity official documents if you don’t have driving license. Think about if someone using fraud passport and make some accident on road.
  • The fraud passport with your personal information full legal name, date of birth (available in facebook) , another person picture and address used to impersonate you. This fraud passport can be used as identity proof to open and access your credit / debit cards, social security, email, medical records, your character, your tax records.
  • A lot of passports have a chip too, which stores all your personal data.

Passport Masking Example

Here considering, Passport of length 8 digits. By masking will hide initial 4 digits. For example, my passport number is A1234765 than after mask will display as XXXX4765. Passport for some card can also be vary as per county take this as assignment and make code changes accordingly so that support for both 8 and more digits.

Original passportmask passport

Note :
This masking example is created considering standard length of text size and formatting of text field, that can vary according to organizations. If your organization having different format and text size modify source code according to your need. If you are facing any issue drop a comments will try to connect as soon as possible.

Download Source code

To download the source code of this example, click on below given download link. Mask Passport


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