LIQUIBASE Spring Boot Properties

LIQUIBASE is a provider of Spring Boot Data for handling database schemas operations. LIQUIBASE is an Open Source tool which keep track of database schema script revisions. It can handle variety of database types and accepts a variety of file formats for defining the database structures.

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After adding LIQUIBASE dependencies in your application it will automatically download and add the required other dependencies in your application and initialize with default values. You can overwrite these values through / application.yaml .

Liquibase Configuration Properties

Spring Boot load these properties in LiquibaseProperties class.

NameDefault ValueDescription
liquibase.change-logclasspath:/db/ changelog/db.
Change log configuration path.
liquibase.check-change-log-locationtrueCheck the change log location exists.
liquibase.contexts Comma-separated list of runtime contexts to use.
liquibase.default-schema Default database schema.
liquibase.drop-firstfalseDrop the database schema first.
liquibase.enabledtrueEnable liquibase support.
liquibase.labels Comma-separated list of runtime labels to use.
liquibase.parameters.* Change log parameters.
liquibase.password Login password of the database to migrate.
liquibase.rollback-file File to rollback SQL statements will be written when an update is performed.
liquibase.url JDBC url of the database to migrate. Incase not set then use the primary configured data source.
liquibase.user Login user of the database to migrate.
LIQUIBASE Spring Boot Properties


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