JUnit Introduction

  • JUnit is an open-source framework for Java programming language, used to write and run automated unit test cases. It is widely accepted as a standard for unit testing in Java.
  • JUnit is a simple testing framework created by Kent Beck and Erich Gamma during a long airplane trip.
  • It is released under IBM’s common public license version 1.0 and hosted on SourceForge.
  • Till JUnit 3.8 there were no stable versions.
  • It is the Java version of the xUnit architecture for unit and regression testing frameworks
  • According to a survey of 2013, 10,000 Java projects hosted on GitHub were using JUnit as a testing framework.
  • In this tutorial, we will perform unit testing with JUnit 5 which is the latest stable JUnit version.

In the further topics we will discuss more about the Junit basics and implementation of test cases by using JUnit 5 after considering different scenarios and backward compatibility with previous version JUnit 3 and JUnit 4.