JUnit 5: Introduction

In the previous topic you learned about the JUnit introduction and compare between different Junit framework like Junit vs TestNG. Here we will discuss about some important points to remember about Junit 5.

  • JUnit 5 is the latest version of JUnit which require a minimum JDK 8 version.
  • Junit 5 supports popular IDEs such as Eclipse/STS and IntelliJ for test case executions.
  • Junit 5 supports all new Java Language features including Lambdas.
  • Junit 5 provides various assertions and assumptions.
  • Junit 5 provides a whole new architecture that is comprised of modules, making it suitable to be used in small memory-based systems.
  • Junit 5 vintage module supports backward compatibility with previous version Junit 3 and Junit 4.

In the further topic you will learn about the JUnit 5 Architecture, JUnit 5 Annotations and Implementation of test cases by considering different scenarios.