Java: Abstract Class Vs Interface

Abstract class and interface in java used to provide abstraction but there are lots of differences:

Abstract Class Interface
Abstraction(0 to 100%) Abstraction(100%)
Abstract class implemented by keyword ‘extends Interface implemented by using keyword ‘implements
Abstract class also can not be instantiated but can be invoked if the main() method exists. Interface is completely abstract i.e can not create an instance of it.
Abstract class can have abstract and non-abstract methods. Interface methods are implicitly abstract and can not have an implementation(nobody)
Abstract class allowed final, non-final and static variables also. Interface allowed only final and static variables
Abstract class members are private, protected, etc. Interface members are public by default.
Abstract class can extend only one class but implements multiple java interfaces. Interface can extend other interfaces only.
Abstract class is fast compare to interface Interface is slow because it required extra indirection.
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