How to make and auto run /executable jar with dependencies?

To make auto run/executable jar by eclipse follow below steps.

  • Create Java Project in Eclipse by following these steps as below New -> Project ->Java Project -> Click Next
  • Type Project Name as JavaAutoRunExample -> click on Finish button.
  • Expend project JavaAutoRunExample on left panel and create package as com.facingissuesonit.test
  • Create below class TestHelloWorld inside package com.facingissuesonit.test
    package com.facingissuesonit.test;
    public class TestHelloWorld {
    	public static void main(String[] args) {
    		System.out.println("Inside Package facing Issues on IT");
    		System.out.println("Test Hello World !!");

Now your Project Structure will looks like as below.

Auto Run Jar Project

Now in below steps will show  to convert this project as auto run/executable jar where entry point would be main method of class TestHelloWorld.

Note : If in your project having multiple classes having main method you can decide one entry point by below steps.

  • Build and Test you project so that there would be any compile and runtime issues. Select class TestHelloWord -> Right click -> Run As -> Java Application. You will get below console output.
    Inside Package facing Issues on IT
    Test Hello World !!
  • Right Click on JavaAutoRunExample ->export ->Java->Runnable Jar File -> Click on Next.

Auto run Jar Selection

  • Select Launch Configuration as TestHelloWorld and export destination where want to keep this auto run/executable jar and dependency jar options as below.Auto Run lanunch Selection
  • Now your auto run/executable jar is ready . For executing it go to command promt (CMD) and select location for file and use below command

java -jar AutoRunTest.jar

C:\Users>cd C:\Users\facingissuesonit\Documents

C:\Users\facingissuesonit\Documents>java -jar AutoRunTest.jar
Inside Package facing Issues on IT
Test Hello World !!



Hope this blog was helpful for you.

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