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Eclipse Lombok Configuration

In your Eclipse based application, you can follow the below Eclipse Lombok Configuration to support you IDE for Project Lombok annotations.


These are the pre-requisite of Project Lombok to configure in any applications and IDE.

Java >= 1.8
Gradle >= 4.x or Maven 3.6.x
Project Lombok >= 1.18.20

Ways to configure Lombok in Eclipse

In this post, you will know about the three ways on configuring the Lombok in you Eclipse IDE.

  • Manually configure the Eclipse
  • Eclipse Plugin for Lombok
  • Eclipse Software Center

Manually Configure Eclipse for Lombok

  • Download the lombok.jar from
  • Place this lombok.jar in you root folder of eclipse installation location
  • Double click on the jar, it will open open popup as below. Select the IDE location by click “Specify location”
  • Click on “install/update” button.
Eclipse Lombok Configuration
Eclipse Lombok Configuration 1
  • Click on “Install/Update” button. On successful installation you will get below screen
  • Click on “Quit Installer”
  • Restart you eclipse IDE to refresh the Lombok features in case already open.
    Eclipse Lombok Configuration
    Eclipse Lombok Configuration 2

    Lombok Eclipse Configuration by Plug-in

    You can install lombok directly from within eclipse, and in that way, you can also include lombok as part of your team eclipse deployment configuration.

    Follow below steps to configure the Lombok Eclipse configuration by plug-in

    • Go to your eclipse “Help->Search->Install New Software” as given
    Eclipse Lombok Configuration by plug-in
    Eclipse Lombok Configuration by plug-in
    Eclipse Lombok Configuration by plug-in
    Eclipse Lombok Configuration by plug-in
    • Select the Lombok Plug-in check boxes and click on install button
    • After Installation successful, Restart your eclipse IDE to refresh lombok features.

    Eclipse Lombok from Software Center

    Some of the latest version of Eclipse IDE already supports Lombok Project. In this case you don’t required any of above steps:

    To check Lombok Support in eclipse IDE you can follow these steps:

    • Go to the about dialogue
    • Supported version on Lombok detail will display at last in “Copy Write” section as given in screenshot.
    Eclipse Lombok Configuration
    Eclipse Lombok Configuration



    In this post you have learned about the multiple ways of Lombok Project configuration in you eclipse IDE.

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