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How to Convert JSON data from file to ArrayList?

Example JSON To JAVA ArrayList conversion by Jackson API’s by reading from File Continue reading

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How to Convert JSON to Java Object and Java Object to JSON?

Example JSON To JAVA Object and JAVA Object to JSON conversion by Jackson API’s . Continue reading

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Java, How to convert List to Arrays and Array to ArrayList

In our day to day programming sometime use this conversion by using iteration but there is another way by using Java API’s as below. ArrayList to Arrays List provide toArray() method to convert list elements in Arrays. Example : Arrays … Continue reading

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Elasticsearch “high disk watermark exceeded on one or more nodes”

This issue happen on Elasticsearch anytime   because your diskspace storage reached to more than 85% because in elasticsearch by default watermark is 85% of disk storage after reaching this limit elasticsearch stop working and print below warning in logs. Solution : We … Continue reading

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