About Python

Python is a general-purpose, Open source, interactive, an interpreted language. It supports support both structured and object-oriented style programming.

Python was created by Guido Rossum in 1991.

In Python development is rapid because it’s easy to learn and follows the simple syntax, it provides a wide range of built-in libraries and functions that provide help to make development fast.

Why Python?

Python is most preferred language of programmers and Data Scientist because of below reasons:

  • Easy to lean programming language
  • You can create your own games and apps
  • Effortlessly installed
  • You learn problem-solving skills
  • It will improve your critical thinking skills
  • It provides a library for data scientists for managing data, statistics, and machine learning.

Python Uses in Daily Life

Most of the famous apps on your mobile devices are created using Python language. For Example:

  • The photos you upload on Instagram
  • Your favorite movie that you watch on Netflix
  • Your favorite hip hop songs that you listen to on Spotify
  • When your family book rides on Uber.