MongoDB Spring Boot Properties

MongoDB is a provider of Spring Boot for handling NoSQL database operations. To use MongoDB  in your Spring boot application you have to add this MongoDB starter in your pom.xml .


After adding MongoDB starter in your application it will automatically download and add the required dependencies in your application and initialize with default values. You can overwrite these values through / application.yaml .

Embedded MongoDB Configuration Properties

Spring Boot load these properties in EmbeddedMongoProperties class.

NameDefault ValueDescription
spring.mongodb.embedded.featuresSYNC_DELAYComma-separated features to enable. Directory used for data storage. Maximum size of the oplog in megabytes. Name of the replica set.
spring.mongodb.embedded.version2.6.10Version of Mongo to use.
MongoDB Embedded Spring Boot Properties

MongoDB Configuration Properties

Spring Boot load these properties in MongoProperties class.

NameDefault ValueDescription Authentication database name. name. USe Fully qualified name of the FieldNamingStrategy. GridFS database name. server host. Login password of the mongo server. server port. Mongo repositories. database and port are ignored when setting it. Login user of the mongo server.
MongoDB Spring Boot Properties


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