JUnit 5 : Environment Setup

Let us discuss on JUnit 5 environment setup in Java Application.


JUnit 5 does not required any major setup. It’s required following library and IDE:

  • JDK : Min 1.8 or above
  • IDE : Eclipse/STS or Netbean or IntelliJ
  • Latest version of Junit 5 is readily available with latest version of IDE

More :

Junit 5 Setup in Java Application

You can add JUnit 5 library in your Java Application by follow below steps:

  • Right clock on your project -> Properties->Build Path-> Configure Build Path
  • Select Junit Library by following below steps in screen shot.
Junit 5 Environment Setup
  • After clicking in Next button (Step 5). You will get below screen where you can select Junit 5.
JUnit 5 Environment Setup
  • After click on Finish button (Step 7) this JUnit 5 library will add on your application.
  • Now you can click on “Apply” or “Apply and Close” button to complete this process.

Now your application is setup to write test JUnit 5 test cases.

In further topic you will learn about how to write JUnit Test Cases.

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