ACID Vs BASE for Database Transactions

In the previous post, you have learned about the ACID and BASE properties of database transactions in detail.


Here you will know about high-level differences between ACID and BASE.


Provides Vertical Scaling Provides Horizontal Scaling
Strong Consistency Weak Consistency – Stale Data OK
Isolation Last Write Wins, availability first
Transaction Programmer Managed
Available/Consistent Available/Partition Tolerant
Robust Database/Simple Code Simpler Database, Harder Code
Focus on “Commit” Best Effort
Nested Transactions Approximated Answers
Less Availability Aggressive (optimistic)
Conservative (pessimistic) Simpler
Difficult Evaluation(i.e Schema) Faster, Easier evolution
High Maintenance Cost Low Maintenance Cost
Expensive Joins and Relationship Free from joins and Relationship
Examples: Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, etc. Example : DynamoDB, Cassandra, CouchDB, SimpleDB etc.

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