In this post you will know about the main high level difference between SQL and NoSQL type databases.


Relational Type Non-Relational Type
Structured Data Stored in Tables The un-structured data store in JSON format in file but graph of database show relationship.
Strict Schema Dynamic Schema
Vertical Scalable Horizontal Scalable
Structured Query Language Un-structured Query Language
ACID Transactions CAP Theorem
Requires downtime In most cases automatic, No outage required
Rigid schema bound to the relationship Non-rigid schema and flexible.
Helpful to design complex queries. No joins relationship, no any powerful tool to prepare complex queries.
Recommend and best suited for OLTP (Online Transactional Processing) Systems. Less likely to be considered for the OLTP System.
Storage : Table (Row->Entity, Column->Attribute)
RDBMS: Oracle, MYSQL, SQL Server, IBM DB2 etc.
Key-Value: Redis, Dynamo
Document: MongoDB
Graph: Neo4j, InfiniteGraph
Wide-column- Cassandra, HBASE
SQL is not fit for Hierarchical work. NoSQL is the best fit for hierarchical work as it follows the key-value pair’s way to store values.

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