YAML and JAVA Configuration

Below are Tools which support YAML for JAVA API’s. Here I will focus only on SnakeYAML which widely used by industry.

  • JvYaml
  • SnakeYAML
  • YamlBeans
  • JYaml
  • Camel

SnakeYAML Configuration





For any operation with SnakeYAML api’s you have to use below steps:
package :


Yaml yaml = new Yaml();

Loading YAML :

  • yaml.load(String) accepts a String.
  • yaml.load(InputStream) accepts a InputStream.

yaml.load(InputStream) detects the encoding by checking the BOM (byte order mark) sequence at the beginning of streams. If no BOM presents the utf-8 encoding is assumed..


To know more about YAML Syntax, Configuration with Java and other supporting language, frameworks and tools, Sample configuration files and JSON and YAML conversion follow below YAML Tutorials and YAML related exceptions follow YAML Issues.

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