Elasticsearch working fine with localhost but not able to connect over Browser by using IP address

Generally in Elasticsearch  people face this issue when trying to access elasticsearch related url from browser by using IP address  while everything working fine with localhost.

Suppose your System IP is and trying to run below query in browser.You will get below screen on different browsers


IE Not connected
IE Browser


Chrome Not Connected
Chrome Browser


Go to command prompt and use below command to get ipv4 address as mentioned in below screen.

Window  :





Update Your IPV4 address in config/elasticsearch.yml file for property


if  your IP is static IP then you can update same as above or if it’s dynamic then update it as below.


For testing above configuration restart your eleasticsearch and try in elasticsearch on your browser address bar after updating server ip. You will get result like below.


or as below if network.host configured


Issues Solution

For more Elasticsearch issues solution follow link Common Elasticsearch Issues.


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