Integrate Filebeat with Kafka

Kafka can consume messages published by Filebeat based on configuration  filebeat.yml file for Kafka Output.

Filebeat Kafka Output Configuration

Filebeat.yml  required below fields to connect and publish message to Kafka for configured topic. Kafka will create Topics dynamically based on filebeat requirement.

#The list of Kafka broker addresses from where to fetch the cluster metadata.
#The cluster metadata contain the actual Kafka brokers events are published to.
hosts: <strong>["localhost:9092"]</strong>

# The Kafka topic used for produced events. The setting can be a format string
topic: <strong>Topic-Name</strong>

# Authentication details. Password is required if username is set.
#username: ''
#password: ''

For more information about filebeat Kafka Output  configuration option refers below Links.

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Integrate Filebeat, Kafka, Logstash, Elasticsearch and Kibana


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